Get user details.

This operation will retrieve details about a given user.

What is a User?

A User is a registered account that can create, manage and sign contracts on Legislate.

Contracts are stored in a Team and a User will by default have their own team where they can create contracts. A User can be invited to other teams as a Team member or Guest.

User properties

Fetching a User's details will return the following properties:

idIntegerThe User's unique identifier
emailEmailThe User's email
avatarUrl (Optional)A link to the avatar if the user has provided a profile picture.
createdDateWhen the User was created
first_nameStringThe User's first name
last_nameStringThe User's last name


A User's first name, last name and email will be used to pre-populate their contract collaborator details when they are added to a contract.

Test the endpoint

To test the endpoint and fetch these properties, specify a user ID below in the PATH PARAMS , enter your API key in the HEADER and click on Try it! on the top right.


If a User does not exist for your specified User ID, the response will return "User with id XXXX not found"

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