Get team details.

This operation will retrieve details about a given team.

What is a Team?

A Team is where contracts are created and stored. A Team owner is a User who can manage Team owner and Team member. Contracts can be created and managed in a Team by a Team owner and Team member . A User who has been invited to a Contract in the team is a Guest and they will not have the permissions to make edits to their contract or view the other contracts in the team.

Who can create Teams?

A User will by default have their own Team where they can create contracts. Teams can be created for a User with the Create a team endpoint.

Team Properties

The properties of a team are listed in the following table:

idIntegerThe Team's unique identifier
nameStringThe Team's name
createdDateWhen the Team was created

Test the Endpoint

Try the endpoint by specifying a teamid in the PATH PARAMS below and by clicking on Try it now! on the right.

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