Create Lawyer-approved contracts with the Legislate API

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Create contracts directly from your software application

Turn contracts into APIs using the Legislate API. Allow your users to create contracts directly from your software application.

What can you do with the Legislate API?

With the Legislate API you can offer powerful contracting capabilities in your software application. Instead of building your own contract builder, leverage Legislate's API to allow your users to create lawyer-approved contracts which are custom to their requirements.

Who is the Legislate API for?

Software platforms which market to individuals and businesses in property and employment can benefit from using the Legislate API. The following types of software platforms have integrated the Legislate API:

  • Property management platforms
  • Employee management platforms
  • CRMs (Recruitment, Freelance, Sales)

If you would like to allow your users to create contracts from your platform, please get in touch via the chat or by email to [email protected].

Why build with the Legislate API?

The Legislate API is easy to use, robust and well maintained by the Legislate tech team. Working with Legislate allows you to offer powerful contracting capabilities at a fraction of the technical and legal cost. Legislate's API Reference and tutorials make it easy to get started quickly.

How is the Legislate API Reference structured?

The Legislate API reference is organised in different sections:

  • API reference: documentation for the individual endpoints of the Legislate API
  • Guides: how to use the different APIs to achieve common functionality
  • Recipes: interactive explanations of how the code works.

How to get started with the Legislate API?

To get started with the Legislate API you will need an API key. You can obtain one by getting in touch at [email protected] or by reaching out via the chat.