Get access to the API

Who can access the Legislate API?

Software platforms which market to individuals and businesses in property and employment can benefit from using the Legislate API. The following types of software platforms have integrated the Legislate API:

  • Property management platforms
  • Employee management platforms
  • CRMs (Recruitment, Property, Freelance, Sales)


None of the above?

You can also reach out if you are a solo-developer or student as we'd be happy to help you integrate contracts into your application!

How to access the Legislate API?

In order to get access to our API and Sandbox, you must first get in contact with [email protected]. We will create a sandbox account for you and share your own API key.

To use the Legislate API you must agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

How to get a production licence?

To learn about our commercial model for production licences, please get in touch.