Get contract collaborator details

This operation will retrieve details about a given collaborator.

A Collaborator is a User who is associated with a contract. You might need to get the details of a Collaborator

A Collaborator will have the following properties:

Collaborator IDintegerThe contract collaborator's ID
Contract IDintegerThe Contract the collaborator is associated with
RoleParty , Collaborator , Signatory , Supporting signatureA role determines if the collaborator should sign or can make changes to the contract and parties.
SideFirst,SecondThe first side is the side of the contract creator, the second of the invited parties.
FieldsJsonThe details of the collaborator stored as name/value pairs in a Json.
User IDIntegerThe Collaborator's user ID
EmailEmailThe collaborator's email
Collaborator nameStringThe collaborator's name

How to try the endpoint?

To fetch the details of a collaborator, simply provide the collaborator Id in the PATH PARAMS entry below and click Try It! on the right!


Collaborator ID

Please note that the collaborator ID is not the same as the user ID. Collaborator IDs are unique to each Contract configuration.

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