Get collaborators for a given contract

This operation will retrieve details about all the collaborators of a given contract.

Use this endpoint to retrieve the list of Collaborators associated with a contract ID and their details and roles. The response will provide the following properties of a collaborator:

rolescollaborator, signatory, party, supporting signatoryThe collaborator's role in the contract. A collaborator can have multiple roles (collaborator + different role).
emailEmailThe collaborator's email
fieldsJsonThe identity fields of the collaborator. These fields will be tied to the collaborator's role.
collaborator_nameStringThe collaborator's full name.
collaborator idIntegerThe collaborator's ID
sideFirst, secondThe contract creator's side is the first side and the side they are entering the contract with is referred to as the second side.
user IDIntegerThe collaborator's user ID

How to try the endpoint?

Enter a contract configuration ID below in PATH PARAMS and click Try It! on the right to retrieve the collaborators of the contract.

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