Create a user

This operation will create a user

This endpoint can be used to create a User. Users can create Teams and Contracts.

How to register a new User?

A User can register with their email:

  • directly
  • via an invitation (e.g. to a contract or a team)
  • via a partner (e.g. a software platform)



Optional parameters

A User must have a first name, last name and email. The avatar parameter is optional and can be provided by the User later. An avatar is a profile picture which can be provided as a publicly accessible URL.

New User teams

When a new User is registered, they will automatically become the Team owner of a new team called "Personal team". You can obtain the Id of this team by using the Get teams endpoint.

How to try the endpoint?

To try the endpoint, simply enter the first name, last name and email of the new user below and click Try It! The Id of the new User will be returned in the response. Try the following Recipe for more details.


Unique email

The email of a User is unique and can only be registered once. Creating a User for an email which already exists will return an error.

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