Getting started with the API as a new partner

If you've just received an API key, read this Quickstart guide to get started. You can jump into the individual sections of the API reference for more detail.


No API key?

No problem! Read our guide for getting an API key.

Step 1: Create a User

A User can create contracts so the first step you'll need to do to work with the API is to create a User.

Step 2: Find or Create a Team

Every User will have a Personal Team by default but you can create additional Teams for them in order to compartmentalise the contracts they create by team members or for example the types of contracts they create.

Step 3: Find a Contract Type

A Team by default offers public Contract types but can also have private Contract types which can be created in that team (e.g. a company specific policy or agreement). Select the contract type you'd like to create in that team.

Step 4: Create a Contract for the chosen Contract Type

Once you've selected a ContractType, you need to create a contract object which will have terms and parties.

Step 5: Add Parties

Once you've provided a set of contract terms for your contract, you can add parties.

To better understand each step, visit its section in the API reference. You can also find more explainers of key Legislate concepts in the Additional resources section.