Get public contract types.

This operation will retrieve terms about a given contract type.

The contract types a User can create are determined by the Team they are in. A Contract Type can be public meaning it is available to create from any team. A Contract Type can also be private to a Team which means that it can only be created in that specific Team.

Which contracts can be created in a Team?

This endpoint reveals the contracts which can be created in a Team. To test the endpoint, simply provide the team id. The response will be a list of contract types where.

What are the Properties of a Contract Type

The properties of a contract type are listed below:

idIntegerThe unique identifier of the contract type.
nameStringThe name of the contract type. E.g. Employment agreement.


Public Contract Types

Public contract types can be created from any team. Visit our contract list to see our public contract types. Alternatively, please get in touch via our chat.

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