Get template terms.

This operation will retrieve terms about a given template.

What is a Contract Type?

A Contract has a Contract Type which will determine the Contract terms of the Contract. For example, a contract which is an Employment Contract will have contract terms like salary and job title which are specific to its Employment Contract type.

What are the terms of a Contract?

A Contract term is a parameter of a Contract Type. A Contract term will have a value and a type. For example, the Name of a contract will be set by the Contract term contract_name which will have a string value. The contract terms of a Contract Type are connected to the template version which is being used.

What are nested fields?

Contract terms can be dependent of each other meaning they only apply if a previous value has been set. For example, details of a probationary period will only be requested if a probationary period has been selected. A contract term which impacts other terms will contain nested fields.

For example, the contract term, Would you like to add a logo to the agreement? presents 2 options:

  • Yes (logoYes)
  • No (logoNo)

If Yes is selected, a nested field will be presented Please upload the logo.

    "label": "Would you like to add a logo to the agreement?",
    "name": "contract_logo",
    "options": [
        "value": "logoYes",
        "nestedFields": [
            "label": "Please upload the logo",
            "name": "contract_logoDetails",
        "value": "logoNo"

How to test the endpoint?

To fetch the terms of a contract template, simply provide the template id.


Contract fields

More information about contract fields can be accessed in the [Legislate Concepts Section] ( of the API reference

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