Add the contract parties

Invite users to sign contracts

Once you've set the terms you will need to add a Party for the first side and a Party for the second side. You may also choose to add other types of collaborators such as a Witness.

What is a Party?

A Party can be a person, a Company or a group of people. A party's side determines whether they are part of the contract creator's side or not. For example, the first side of a tenancy agreement is the landlord's and the second side is the tenant's. The list of Legislate contracts indicate the role of each side. If you are not sure about a side, please get in touch!

How to add a Company?

To create a company, use the POST Company endpoint. The endpoint will request the information about the company as well as the Company's signatory. If the signatory does not already have a collaborator Id, you will need to create one using the POST Collaborator endpoint.

How to add a Party who is a person?

A Collaborator who is a Party can be set to the Party role using the PATCH Collaborator endpoint.

How to add other types of Collaborators?

To add other types of Collaborators, simply create Collaborators and set the roles using the PATCH Collaborator endpoint.