How to set up the Legislate integration in Zapier

To set up the Legislate integration in Zapier you will first of all need a Legislate and Zapier account. The Zapier integration is currently available to Legislate users via an 0Auth2 connection.

Creating a Zap

In order to integrate Legislate with your favourite app, you'll need to identify which app you'd like to connect and create a Zap for that connection. For example, you might want to send a notification to slack whenever a contract is created or signed.


In order to set up your Zap, you will need to authenticate with the apps your connecting. You will need to authorise Zapier to access your Legislate account by logging in to your account and you'll have to authorise Zapier to access the other app you wish to connect. Zapier establishes a secure connection with these apps so that your information is protected.

What’s Next

Once you've authenticated the apps you wish to connect, you'll be able to test your new automation!